How to create free stylish contact form in blogger|Blogspot 2020

Hello friends and welcome to all you once more on your own website. Today I’m going to tell you How to create free stylish contact form in blogger|Blogspot 2020. Before start we have to understand what’s blogger.

What is blogger?

Blogger is a blog-publishing service that permits multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. it had been developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. The blogs are hosted by Google and usually accessed from a subdomain of Blogs also can be served from a custom domain owned by the user (like by using DNS facilities to direct a website to Google’s servers. A user can have up to 100 blogs per account.

How To Create Free Stylish Contact Form In Blogger|Blogspot 2020

Today, I’m going to teach you 2 ways to feature a Contact Page to your own Blogger.

The first method uses the google form. This method is great because it’s easy to line up and you don’t get to sign up for any outside services or apps. for several folks, Google Forms doesn’t come to our mind when thinking about creating a contact form. However, it’s extremely easy to setup Google Forms to make it work as a contact form.

The second method shows you a free service you’ll use to embed a custom form into your site and receive emails at any email address you’d like.

So, let’s start and add a Contact Page to your Blogger site

Method 1: how to add google form to blogger 2020

If you’re reading this, you would possibly have an interest in learning the way to setup Google Forms as a contact form. I will be able to take you from start to end of this process, just follow along!

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Following are some advantages of Google Forms which will help you to know about a couple of points for using and not using Google Forms. Please take few minutes to read them

  1. Result feeds directly into a spreadsheet.
  2. you’ll get email notifications for responses.
  3. you furthermore may have a choice to email your answer to yourself.
  4. Google forms are mobile friendly. you’ll submit them anywhere, anytime.

How to Easily Create Google Form?

First, you must to skills to make Google Form. Please follow the steps below:

Step#1: For creating Google form, it’s must for you to possess a Gmail account. it’s just about fine if you have already got a Gmail account. check in to your account by adding email and password within the required field.

Gmail Sign webbaazar India

Step#2: After signing in to your account, attend and make a replacement form. you’ll either select “Blank” form to create it from scratch, otherwise you also can choose between wide selection of template gallery to make a fast form.

Google drive

Step#3: If you chose “Blank”, you’d need to perform following instructions to be ready to have a working form:

  1. First, write the name of your form.

Google form

  1. to feature inquiries to your form, you’ll click on “Add question” icon located on the proper side of your screen. it’ll insert a blank question to your form.

Contact form

  1. After adding an issue, you’ll change its type to either multiple choice question, short question, long question, paragraph, more. you’ll also ask from readers to upload the specified file like a document to finish the survey. Just, change the question type to “File Upload.”

  1. you’ll also add videos, images or maybe create different sections in your form as per your needs from the proper menu.

How to Embed Google Form in Blog?

Let’s see step by step the way to embed Google form during a blog.

Step#1: Once you think that you’re through with creating your form, click on the “Send” button located on the highest right corner of your screen. A little dialogue box will appear having three options i.e. email, link and Embed. Select “Embed” icon then copy the iframe code.

Iframe googl form

Step#2: Secondly, it might be helpful to vary the height and width of the shape to suit into your blog. you’ll change height and width of your form consistent with your taste.

Step#3: attend Blogger and open any post that you simply would really like to embed your Google form.  After opening the Blogger post editor, switch to HTML tab and paste the code that you simply copied earlier.

blogger page

Step#4:  Now you’ll press “Update” button if you’re updating an existing post. However, if you’re adding your form during a new post then select “Publish” button.

google form

So, you know, it’s quite easy and efficient thanks to create a Google Form and smartly embed in your blogger blog. you are doing not got to get into lengthy code snippets and hang up with coding errors. All you would like is to require a short time, discover more features in Google form and play with it. you’ll also modified you contact form using customize option in google form.

Method 2: create a contact form by using jotform 2020

JotForm is a web form builder and form creator. it’s release to:

  • 100 monthly form submissions
  • 5 forms
  • 1,000 monthly form views
  • 500 stored forms
  • JotForm branding on form

It offers some really handy features like:

  • Thank You Page creation
  • Custom fields
  • Choose the e-mail for delivery
  • Send an automatic reply to contactless
  • Custom styling
  • and more!

Step 1: Create a JotForm Form

  1. Signup for JotForms.
  2. within the JotForms Dashboard, click the Create Form button.

Jetform login

  1. Choose Classic Form (all fields on one page) or Card Form (one field per page). Click the Create a Form button under the design of your choice.

  1. Next, choose whether you would like to start out from a Blank Form, Use Template or Import a form. I like to recommend employing a template.

  1. Choose the template that most closely fits your needs. There are several Contact Form options. you’ll always edit fields, text and elegance later.
  1. Once you decide on your template and click on Continue, you’ll be ready to edit a preview version of your form.
  1. Click the Add Form Element button if you would like to feature another field, more text, etc. I even have added a topic line in my example.

  1. To edit the sorts of your form, click on the blue roller icon. you’ll edit colours, fonts, choose colour schemes or maybe pick one among their pre-made themes.

  1. When you’re done Building your form, click on the Settings tab. Under this tab you’ll set conditional logic (show hide fields, etc.) also as set notifications (emails to you) plus autoresponder message to the one that contacted you.
  1. Under Settings, you’ll also integrate your form with services like MailChimp and add a many thanks page (great idea!).

  1. Once your Settings are complete, it’s time to Publish your form. Click on the Publish tab.
  1. Click on the Platforms tab on the left side of the page.
  1. you’ll find an option for Blogger.

  1. The embed code are going to be displayed. Click the green Copy Code button.

Step 2: Add Contact Form to Your Page

  1. within the Blogger Dashboard, attend the Pages page.
  1. Click on the page you would like to edit.


  1. In Compose mode, add any content you would like to feature to the page.
  1. Switch to HTML mode.
  1. Under your content, paste the shape code you copied.

  1. Click the Update or Publish button to save lots of your page.


By Using How To Create Free Stylish Contact Form In Blogger|Blogspot 2020, now you are able to create contact from on your blogger page. Put this knowledge into practice and improve your blog today!

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