How to Archive and Unarchive Gmail on Android?

How to Archive and Unarchive Gmail on Android?

When you read “How to archive and unarchive Gmail on Android”, and you’ve no idea of what does this mean, then this blog post is for you as I’m going to detail you everything about this.

What is the meaning of “Unarchive” in Gmail actually?

Before you recognize about Unarchive, you ought to first know what’s Archive in Gmail?

Archive simply means historical records so, in Gmail when there are emails that got too old, and you are doing not really need them but you do not want to delete them either, so you only delete from the inbox. that’s called archiving an email in Gmail. 

Let’s talk about Archiving and Unarchiving in more detail.

Archiving in Gmail means sending out emails from your inbox to “All Mail” label, and this is often done to wash your inbox. Sometimes, when there are old emails that you simply don’t need but you would like them to be there somewhere aside from the inbox, you’ll just open that email, and archive that. Then it’ll be moved to the “All Mail” label.

Let us take a look at the steps to Archive and Unarchive Emails in Gmail.

Archive Select Emails in Gmail

Follow the steps below to Archive selected Emails in your Gmail Account.

  1. Log into your Gmail Account.
  2. Select the mail/emails that you want to archive.
  3. Once the Emails are selected, click on the Archive icon located in the top menu bar.webbazar

On the pop-up, click on OKto confirm that you want to Archive selected Emails.

Unarchiving means just the other. You get those emails back to your Gmail Inbox from All Mail label.

Archive All Emails in Gmail

In case you want to Archive all the Emails in the Inbox, you can follow the steps below to Archive Emails in Bulk.

  1. Click on the drop-down icon located next to refresh button and select All option in the drop-down menu.webbazar
  2. Next, click on Select All Messages link that appears below the top menu barwebbazar.
  3. Once All the Emails are selected, click on Archive icon located in the top menu bar.webbazar
  1. Click on OK in the pop-up to confirm.

All the selected Emails will be moved from their current location and placed in All Messages Folder within your Gmail Account So, now, I will be able to guide you on these:

How to Unarchive Gmail Messages on Android?

How to Unarchive Gmail Messages on Desktop?

How to Unarchive Gmail Messages on iPhone?

How to Unarchive Gmail Messages on Android?

Unarchiving Gmail Message on Android phones is straightforward. confirm you’ve got the Gmail app working and synced together with your Gmail account. 

  1. Launch Gmail App.
  2. At the left side, there’ll be three vertical bars, click on that, and there find, “All Mail”.


      3. Now, all the emails are going to be shown their inbox emails, archived ones, labeled ones, etc.

      4.Now, tap the message that was archived earlier to open it. Now, it’ll be opened. Now, at the proper hand, you’ll see three horizontal dots, tap there on, and tap “Move to Inbox”.


That’s all you have to do to unarchive Gmail on Android.

When you archive an email on Gmail, its listing gets removed from Inbox, but you can find it in the “All Mail” folder. So, from there, we can move that to the inbox, and its listing will be back into “Inbox”.

How to Unarchive Gmail Message on Desktop?

The process of unarchiving Gmail Message on Desktop is just about similar. Let’s inspect the steps.

  1. Type, within the address bar of your browser, and hit enter to access it.
  2. Login together with your credentials.
  3. Now, click “More” as you’ll see within the screenshot below.

  1. Now, you’ll be ready to see more options. Click “All Mail”

  1. Now, you’ll be ready to see all the emails there. Find the e-mail that you simply want to unarchive, and right-click there on, and click on “Move to Inbox”.

All done! Now, the e-mail is unarchived.

How to Unarchive Gmail Messages on iPhone?

I am not an iPhone user, so I cannot share the screenshots. But, as you unarchive Gmail message on Android, an equivalent way you’ve got to try to on iPhone also using the Gmail app. Almost an equivalent process you’ll need to repeat.

Why People Archive Gmail Emails?

To be honest, I never archive any of the emails but many people do it or sometimes a few emails are accidentally archived, so in that case, knowing how to unarchive is the savior. Moreover, archiving the emails in Gmail only means removing the “inbox” label from emails. Emails are still accessible from the “All Mail” section.

Final Words

As you read during this article that Archiving and Unarchiving isn’t much a problematic thing but knowing the way to do may be a savior as you never know once you would wish to unarchive your Gmail messages on Android or desktop or on your phone.

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